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Last Update on February 12, 2016 08:10 GMT


BOSTON (AP) -- Bill Cosby fought it. But a federal judge in Massachusetts will allow it. The judge has ruled the comedian's wife, Camille, must submit to a deposition in a lawsuit against the comedian. In the suit, seven women claim Cosby defamed them by calling them liars after they publicly accused him of sexual assault. The judge ruled that while Camille Cosby must answer questions under oath, some subjects remain off-limits. The judge says she can refuse to answer questions about private marital conversations. The plaintiffs say Camille Cosby was her husband's manager, so she'd have important information to offer in the lawsuit. An attorney for Camille Cosby has praised the ruling, noting that it upheld that she won't have to answer questions about their discussions as a married couple.

<<CUT ..003 (02/12/16)>> 00:19 "a married couple"


DENVER (AP) -- The Bill Cosby scandal has promoted an effort to change the law in Colorado. A Colorado House committee has unanimously approved a bill that would double the 10-year statute of limitations for seeking charges in sexual assault cases. Two Colorado women are among the dozens who claim Cosby sexually assaulted them decades ago. Supporters of the bill say it would give traumatized victims more time to come forward. It isn't the first time the Cosby case has had a legislative effect. Last year, Nevada extended its statute from four to 20 years after testimony by a woman who claimed Cosby sexually assaulted her decades ago. Several other states have removed limits to seek criminal charges in child sex-abuse cases. Those efforts were made in response to the Catholic Church sex abuse scandal.

NEW YORK (AP) -- We already know that some prominent black artists are staying away from the Oscars. But a question that's yet to be answered is: will black viewers also boycott the ceremony? For the second straight year, the Motion Picture Academy has trotted out an all-white field of nominees for its acting honors. That has led Spike Lee and Jada Pinkett Smith to declare they will skip the Feb. 28 show. Typically, relatively few blacks tune in to watch the Oscars as it is. The highest percentage was in 2005, when Chris Rock hosted and Jamie Foxx and Morgan Freeman won the top male acting awards. Rock hosts again this year.


BERLIN (AP) -- Comments by Meryl Streep are raising new questions about how well Hollywood "gets" diversity. She's heading an all-white film jury at the Berlin International Film Festival. An Egyptian reporter asked her if she understands the Middle East and North Africa. Streep said she did, in part, because she'd "recently seen Timbuktu." Eventually, Streep acknowledged she knew little about the region, but said she has "played a lot of different people from a lot of different cultures." Then she added: "we're all Africans, really." Streep's publicists did not respond yesterday to requests for additional comment about what she meant by all that.

<<CUT ..007 (02/12/16)>> 00:19 "all Africans, really"


LOS ANGELES (AP) -- The Gwyneth Paltrow stalking case is close to going to the jury. Both sides did closing arguments in court yesterday. Prosecutors asked the panel to convict Dante Soiu because he's a calculating, crazy stalker. Deputy District Attorney Wendy Segall noted Soiu got what he wanted out of the trial: "to spend hours in a room with the object of his desire." His defense claims Soiu is a lonely man in search of a pen pal or marriage partner in the much younger Oscar-winning actress. Soiu faces up to three years in prison if convicted.


NEW YORK (AP) -- It looks like Ken Watanabe's return to acting will be sooner, rather than later. He says he expects to be back at his role in "The King and I" on Mar. 17. Watanabe announced earlier this week that he had been treated for stomach cancer -- and would have to delay his scheduled Mar. 1 return to the theater.


LOS ANGELES (AP) -- The ladies have the numbers after the latest round of cuts on "American Idol." All this season, the judges have said the gals outclass the guys. Last night, the judges cut five contestants from the round of 12 who performed this week. Five of the women move on while only two of the guys make the grade. La'Porsha Renae is among those going through to the next round. She's been a favorite of the judges. Jeneve Rose Mitchell also gets to sing again. At 15, she's one of the youngest Idol hopefuls this season. Next week, the second half of the Top 24 will perform, with the judges again thinning the field.

<<CUT ..014 (02/12/16)>> 00:11 "tonight is Jeneve (cheers)"

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