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Last Update on February 11, 2016 08:11 GMT


SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- It used to be considered an online trendsetter, marching ahead of the competition in the field of microblogging. But these days, Twitter seems more like a soldier marching in place, marking time. The company reported no user growth in the fourth quarter of this past year. That's a sign it's having trouble carving out a significant niche in the online marketplace. It currently is holding at 320 million monthly users -- about a-fifth the size of Facebook. It also lost another $90 million in the last three months of 2015. It has yet to turn a profit in its history.


PARIS (AP) -- Two French agencies are throwing down the gauntlet at Facebook -- claiming the site runs afoul of privacy laws. The agencies claim that Facebook tracks and uses the personal data of more than 30 million users. What's more, the agencies say Facebook even tracks the activity of those who aren't Facebook account holders. The claims are made by the government-linked General Direction for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control and the independent privacy watchdog CNIL have set deadlines by which Facebook is ordered to clean up its act.

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