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100-year-old teacher in New Jersey

Updated: Sunday, January 12 2014, 09:23 PM CST
Posted by Don Yeager (

They say you're never too old to learn, but at the Sundance Grade School in North Plainfield, New Jersey, they're proving you're never too old to teach either.

Meet Home Economics teacher Agnes Zhelesnik, though the kids just call her Granny. It's a nickname she comes by honestly, as the oldest living teacher in America. She is 100 years-old.

Without a wheelchair, or any chair for that matter, Agnes puts in a full day's teaching, five days a week. She hasn't burned out on the job partly because she hasn't been doing it that long. She was a homemaker most of her life. She says her husband didn't approve of her working and wanted her to watch their children.

So she did, then she watched the grandchildren, then she played a lot of bridge. That got old and she still felt young so Agnes started working at the school, at the age of 81. 

She's so devoted to the kids, she hasn't even called in sick since she was 98.

For those reasons and a hundred more, the kids threw her a huge birthday party. Not a retirement party mind you.

She'll be back tomorrow and hopes to keep working for years to come. Or at the very least, make your day.  100-year-old teacher in New Jersey

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