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3 Harrisburg officers attacked during arrest

Updated: Sunday, August 18 2013, 09:47 PM CDT
Reported by Ewa Roman (

LICKDALE -- At 1:30 Sunday morning, Christina Pearson says it woke her up.

"We woke up when they slammed through the door and started screaming. My husband jumped out of bed, I jumped out of bed and I'm a heavy sleeper!" Said Christina Pearson, lives next-door to stabbing.

She says her neighbor allegedly stabbed his mother at their home on the 600 block of Oxford Street in Harrisburg. Then, CBS 21 sources say three Harrisburg Police officers were hurt trying to arrest him.
Police say he pulled out a knife, stabbing one and cutting the other two.

Christina says that the man's name is Lamarcus Williams and he was living at that home with his mother. She says he's visited her home, even going to her birthday party. But recently his mental health started to decline.

"Just a couple days ago, I saw him and I said hello to him again and he didn't even know who I was, he was like well how do you know my name? Well, I've lived here ever since you've lived here," said Christina.

This isn't the first time Christina has had to call cops on her street.

"It's kinda crazy sometimes, we hear gunshots a lot, at the bar up at the corner, we've got dealers living down the street," said Christina Pearson.

She was hoping during the four years she's lived here that things would have turned around, but they haven't. So, she's planning to move.

The officers are expected to recover.

The man was arrested. His mother's condition isn't known. Police are expected to release more information Monday.3 Harrisburg officers attacked during arrest

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