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5th annual "Motor Monday" state vehicle auction to start Monday

Updated: Monday, October 21 2013, 02:24 AM CDT
UPDATE: 3:23 A.M.

For more information on this auction, future auction dates, payment conditions, and a complete listing of vehicles, visit DGS online at

Click on "Bid on an Automobile" under the "How Do I?" section of the website.

Scroll down to "Next Auction" and select "Click here for pre-sale listing."

Posted by Don Yeager (

GRANTVILLE -- Monday, October 21st,  the state will host the 5th installment of "Motor Monday" at the Manheim Auto Auction.

More than 600 state vehicles will be up for auction including motorcycles and ATV's seized by state law enforcement agencies. There will be "frontline ready" vehicles available that all have appropriate titles and current Pennsylvania inspection.

The auction will begin at 10:00am Monday, registration opens at 8:00am and closes at noon.
All money from the auction will be returned to the state. 5th annual "Motor Monday" state vehicle auction to start Monday

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