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5th-grade girl bullied so badly she has concussion, her mother claims

Updated: Wednesday, October 23 2013, 11:10 AM CDT

Reported by: Kirk Clyatt

STEELTON – October is anti- bullying month.

In Dauphin County,  a mother is claiming that her fifth-grade daughter has been bullied so badly at her school that now she has to stay home for a week to recover from her injuries.

CBS 21 talked to the mom and the little girl; we also talked to the assistant superintendent, who told us  that these incidents remain under active investigation.

Imagine having your daughter bullied so badly that you have to file a police report, then imagine having it happen again a week later.

For Cindy Richards, that’s reality. Her daughter, Latocha Henderson is now recovering at home from the trauma and injuries she claims she suffered at the hands of her fellow elementary school students.

The family showed CBS 21 some of the paper work, including police reports and the medical diagnosis of a concussion. Richards wants parents to come together to protect the kids.

“I can’t fight the school by myself,” Richards said.

“The teachers never do anything,” Latocha added. She claims the bullying and fighting happened at Steelton Elementary School.

“If I keep getting hit in the head, I could possibly die,” she said.

Latocha showed CBS 21 the shirt, spotted with blood, that she says she was wearing on Oct. 8, the first time she claimed to have been bullied. That time, the bullying happened in art class.

"I got pushed into the wall,” she said. “But they don’t have cameras in the classroom, they only have it in the hallway.”

Last week’s incident took place when kids were making fun of Latocha’s older sister, Lynnette, who has cerebral palsy.

“My daughter told the school that she was injured and my daughter told me she talked to the principal about what happened,” Richards said. “The principal denied her the right to go to the nurse, but she went anyway.”

The first incident was on Oct. 8 and the second one happened last week. After the incident last week, Richards said “I couldn't get her headache to go away, she was vomiting, and she is still vomiting to this day from her concussion.”

“I can't even get mad at these parents because if the school is not doing what they’re saying that they're  doing, these parents probably don't know what their kids are doing to these children,” Richards said.

“I can't be friends with nobody because everybody picks on me and my family,” Latocha added.

“They need to make it safe,” Richards said.

5th-grade girl bullied so badly she has concussion, her mother claims

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