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8-foot tall polar bear for sale by local restaurant

Updated: Sunday, August 18 2013, 05:53 PM CDT
Reported by Ewa Roman (

LICKDALE -- 8-year old Rachel DeWees has named her Powder-face. She says she will miss the mounted polar bear, once her dad sells it.

"I think it's really cool, that it's much much bigger than me," said Rachel, 8 years old.

For three years, the 8 foot tall female polar bear has been the most popular sight at the Woods Creek Grill in Lickdale, Lebanon County.

In 1967, a doctor by the name of John Reganis flew to Alaska to go hunting and brought it back. Back then, it was legal to do that.

Dave DeWees bought it at an auction. But now that his restaurant is closed, it must go.

"Some day, she's going to end up with somebody else and that's why I have the kids to say goodbye today to the bear," said Dave DeWees, owner of bear and Woods Creek Grill.

The polar bear isn't the only thing that's for sale, this entire restaurant, everything in it, including the liquor license. As for the price tag? A cool 9-thousand dollars.

It's now illegal to shoot a polar bear in the U.S. and illegal to transport them across international or state lines.

To find out how to buy the bear or the restaurant call Ken DeWees, 717-813-4787.8-foot tall polar bear for sale by local restaurant

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