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A used handkerchief fetish has a Lititz man in trouble

Updated: Monday, October 21 2013, 10:25 PM CDT

A unique
fetish has a Lancaster County man crying some tears.

It's not
the fetish that got him into trouble, but that he was e-mailing who he thought
was a 16-year-old girl, he is now facing a corruption of minors charge.

has fantasies -- some are little more extreme than others -- and with the advent of the internet secret desires that in
the past would be almost impossible to turn into reality are now only a click

Or so it
seemed for 42-year-old Michael Koch. His fantasy involved the used Kleenex or
handkerchiefs from young woman for his sexual stimulation. There is nothing
illegal about that; the problem is he thought he was talking online and about
to pay to get them from a 16-year-old.

Michael Koch
uses a wheelchair and lives with his parents on Lititz Street, telling CBS 21
news, "At no time ever, ever have I sexually touched a girl, kissed a
girl, been inappropriate with an under-aged girl ever, nor would I ever do
that, that is just not me. This not only affects me, it affects my

investigator for Lititz police wouldn't go on camera, but told CBS 21 the case
was 'unique' and the reason they pursued the craigslist ad was because it was
'vague' as to exactly what Koch was looking for. The police created an
imaginary 16-year-old’s gmail account to reply to
the ad.

Koch and
the fictitious girl exchanged e-mails for about a week. He claims at first he
didn't know she was underage. "I did not know she was 16 until several
hours before we met. I don't blame them one bit, I do not blame the police,” Koch said.

Koch was
offering $100 a week in the ad for the used handkerchiefs of women with bad
colds or allergies or who were very emotional. He was hoping the money could be
used to help pay for their wedding or prom dresses. 

explained he is not alone. "It's out there. There are websites about it,
there are chat rooms about it and I've unfortunately been hooked into that and
it's been a problem that I thought until recently I'd been able to keep under

CBS 21
was able to easily find one of the sites – ‘sneeze fetish forum'.

"I hope
my friends and my family can forgive me for what I have done. I'm going to seek help, this
should have never happened the way it did,” Koch said.

A source
told CBS 21 news that Koch also used to volunteer in area schools.

arraignment for corruption of minors Nov. 18.

A used handkerchief fetish has a Lititz man in trouble

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