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Active shooter drill held at Central York High School

Updated: Friday, October 11 2013, 05:08 PM CDT
Reported by: Brandie Meng

Central York School District teamed up with law enforcement on Friday, to test its emergency plan. It was an effort to make sure everyone is prepared in the event of a school shooting.

As part of the "active shooter drill" at Central York High School, York Area Regional Police Chief Tom Gross updated the media and the public about what was happening during the mock emergency. "People should not come to the school.  We do not have the situation under control. It is not safe."

The full scale simulation involved an armed person in the school and was developed to help test the procedures in place for an emergency in the building.

"There are 60 agencies that are involved, 100 law enforcement officials, emergency responders and school district officials," Said Julie Romig of Central York School District.

While part of the drill was to target and capture the shooter, responding to victims and coordinating the response outside of the building was also a big part of the mock drill.  Some students, like Kristen Shipley, were assigned to play a role. Shipley served as part of the media.  "It's been a great experience to see what it would be like covering a situation like this."

Friday's drill will be evaluated and any improvements to emergency plans will be made. Active shooter drill held at Central York High School

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