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Adams Co. veteran organizes march on Gettysburg Battlefields

Updated: Sunday, October 13 2013, 05:25 PM CDT
Reported by: Christina Butler

Despite the government shutdown closing national parks, or maybe in spite of, Joe Barnhart marched through Gettysburg on Sunday.

The Iraqi war veteran of Paradise Township, Adams County is fed up with the current state of politics and is crossing barriers to remind our leaders in DC that they don't own American history.

"We're out here to say these are our lands, our parks but it goes deeper than that.  There's veteran issues that our country is just neglecting everyday," Barnhart said.

About 100 followers joined Barnhart at the Pennsylvania Monument.

"When are country was founded, the struggles those men had putting everything together and getting it organized and now we have others that are trying to take it away from us.  Believe in the Constitution of the United States of America." Charles Mariss said.

Cheryl Panfil and her niece came to Gettysburg, from Buffalo, New York.  "Proud to be an American and we came down to our battlefields and we're appalled that they are closed."

In the end, no one was stopped from gathering. Barnhart says he would have left peacefully if that was the case. He just wants his message to be heard and the government to open back up to the people.  "Let the government know they can't push us around.  They can't shut down our land, our property." Adams Co. veteran organizes march on Gettysburg Battlefields

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