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Bethesda Mission volunteer goes out to serve homeless on coldest nights

Updated: Friday, February 28 2014, 10:27 PM CST
Reported by Ewa Roman:

HARRISBURG -- The Bethesda Mission in Harrisburg says the number of homeless is constantly increasing, up to 900 now.

They’re the faces of people down on their luck trying to survive in this brutal weather.

But they have a guardian angel looking out for them and our Ewa Roman spoke with him Friday night.

For close to two decades, Karl Beardsley's Friday and Saturday nights haven't been spent at the movies or out to dinner with his family.

They've been spent on the streets of Harrisburg.

"I just really enjoy doing this, it's what God wants me to be doing," explained Karl Beardsley, Bethesda Mission volunteer.

They start around 8:30 at night. Karl and his team meet up at the Bethesda Mission in Harrisburg, load their trucks with food and blankets and drive city streets searching for the homeless.

Friday night, we caught up with them on one of the coldest nights we have had this winter.

"People don't stay homeless forever. They are in a bad place for a while and then they get settled again," said Karl. “Feels good, makes you feel like you're doing something worthwhile, that they know that they are not forgotten."

Karl starts around 8:30 pm and will be out until about midnight. He will be back tomorrow night doing the same good deed.
Bethesda Mission volunteer goes out to serve homeless on coldest nights

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