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Bill to legalize medical marijuana gets bi-partisan support in state legislature

Updated: Monday, January 13 2014, 10:59 PM CST

Reported by: James Tully

HARRISBURG -- CBS 21 has the details on the new bill that would legalize medical marijuana in Pennsylvania. Unlike others before it, Senate Bill 1182 is the first ever medical marijuana bill to receive bi-partisan support.

Both Democratic Senator Daylin Leach and Republican Mike Folmer are sponsoring the bill, with Folmer's office drafting the majority of the language in the 34-page document our newsroom obtained today.

"Sincerely, I have never felt more correct or more at peace with any piece of legislature i have introduced," Folmer says.

The Republican state senator calls himself a conservative, Bible-believing Christian. He startled even his own staff when he decided to put his name behind this medical marijuana bill.

What made Folmer cross party lines?

"I started to look at the research and I realized that I was wrong and we were demonizing a plant that god put on this earth for us to use the benefits from," and there's other reasons Folmer is making a push to make medicinal cannabis legal.

Folmer reaches for a framed picture that prominently features photos of young kids.

"These are all the children that are fighting elipsey and we know that it (medical cannabis) works."

Among the kids in the picture is 16 year-old Diana Stanley who we featured in a story back in November.

Her mother, Louann, is one of hundreds of Pennsylvania parents pushing for medical marijuana. Not just because they believe it can help, but research and trials other children in states where the drug is legal have shown to slow down seizure activity.

Bill to legalize medical marijuana gets bi-partisan support in state legislature

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