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Bret Michaels visits local PetSmart

Updated: Wednesday, August 21 2013, 08:05 PM CDT
Reported by: Ewa Roman

HARRISBURG -- The line wrapped around the inside of Petsmart in Swatara Township Dauphin County.Bret Michaels fans waiting to meet him and get their paws on his Pets Rock Collection.

"I think it's awesome! He has his hands in pretty much everything and when we got our lanyards we were one of the first to get it in here so, I just think it's really cool," said Teresa Bowen, Mechanicsburg resident.

"It's Bret Michaels! I've been waiting and waiting and waiting to meet him and I saw this on Facebook and I was like I have to go!" Said Heather Delorie, drive from Virginia.

The lead singer of Poison grew up in Mechanicsburg, just like Teresa.
"He's so hot! I can't wait to meet him!" said Teresa.

Bret Michaels says he couldn't be happier to be back where it all started.
"It feels awesome, I love it and every time I'm here there's a certain feeling of home that you can't describe you know? Today I got a chance to drive around and go to all the places I grew up at I love the people here, I get to see them every year whether with Poison or with friends it's awesome," said Bret Michaels.

And when it comes to pets, Bret owns not one but two german shepherds.  
"My dogs Diesel and Phoenix two beautiful shepherds," said Bret Michaels.

10- percent of the sales from the "Chance Dog" toy from Bret Michaels Pets Rock collection will go to charities that Petsmart supports.
Bret Michaels visits local PetSmart

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