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Bret Michaels is a 'Wildcat' at heart

Updated: Wednesday, August 21 2013, 10:38 PM CDT
Reported by: Ewa Roman

"I am officially a Mechanicsburg Wildcat. Go wildcats go! It's where I spent most of my school years, growing up in Mechanicsburg," said Bret Michaels.
A special event brought the rock star back home Wednesday.

Bret Michaels spent hours signing autographs and meeting local fans best friend, promoting his Pets Rock Collection at Petsmart in Swatara Township.

Bret says being back home, makes him remember all the things he loved to do back in the day.

"We all played football, baseball had a lot a lot of great times. I saw a bunch of people I played football with it was awesome! Both people on the cats and people that played against CV and Red Land and you know, Lower Dauphin and Upper Dauphin," said Bret.

Michaels eventually put the football down and picked up a a guitar.  The lead singer of Poison, a TV reality star and businessman says being from this area has helped him stay humble.

"When you start out, you truly take it day by day. You dream big, but your feet have to planted in the ground and I think one of the best things about this area and about my family is you got to go out there and you have to work for it." Said Bret.

He says his dad taught him that, and a lot more!

"This is the guy right here taught me how to gamble," said Bret.

"Mostly and how to lose, ha ha!" Said Wally, Bret Michaels dad.

"Showed me how to throw the ball, how to have great times and how to enjoy my life so, thank you very much dad I love you," said Bret.

"I love you," said Wally.
Bret Michaels is a 'Wildcat' at heart

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