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Camp Hill Police Officer is suing the borough over unpaid military leave

Updated: Wednesday, August 7 2013, 07:21 AM CDT
Written by: Donna Kirker-Morgan

A Camp Hill police officer is suing Camp Hill Borough, claiming it has not properly compensated him for the days he was deployed or in training for the Pennsylvania Army National Guard.

Scott Cornelious is an 18-year-veteran of the Borough’s police department.

The lawsuit says Cornelious has been pulled from his cop job by the Guard over the past five years for various Guard activities – including serving time in Afghanistan.

Each time Cornelious was deployed he used his personal days or vacation time to cover the bills at home.

However, his attorney, Christopher Cook, says the Military Leave Act provides his client property right protections that the borough should have used for his client.  Unlike private industry, Cook says the borough is a “political subdivision” required to provide 15 days of pay and benefits per year for those who serve their country.

Private companies develop their own policies on how they compensate military members when they get deployed.

Interestingly, attorney Cook says the  borough agreed to pay for Cornelious’s leave time in 2013 but is refusing to pay for four previous years.

Altogether, Cook says he believes the borough owes him 75 days compensation.

The borough decline to talk about the lawsuit today, saying they never talk about pending litigation.Camp Hill Police Officer is suing the borough over unpaid military leave

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