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Carbon monoxide leak sends three people to trauma unit

Updated: Thursday, September 19 2013, 06:51 AM CDT
Written by: Lauren McLane

ASPERS -- The Bendersville Community Fire Department was dispatched to a report of carbon monoxide poisoning this afternoon shortly before 4 p.m.

The incident occurred in a warehouse-type structure at 113 West Point Road, Aspers. Three men were in the building using a tractor when they were overcome by carbon monoxide.

One man was able to get outside and call 911. When emergency personnel arrived on-scene, they found one victim outside the structure and two others inside. They removed the victims from inside the structure and called for helicopters to transport the victims to Baltimore’s Shock Trauma Unit, according to Bendersville Deputy Fire Chief Dustin Cramer.

Readings taken inside the building indicated the carbon monoxide level was greater than 500 parts per million – the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention list safe levels at 5 parts per million. 

Emergency responders were unsure how long the victims had been exposed to the poisonous gas. All three victims were conscious when emergency personnel responded, Cramer said.

The building wasn’t closed, but it was too small for the gas, which is heavier than oxygen and sinks to the floor, to escape. 

Cramer said it’s “a very good sign” that all three victims were still conscious when EMS arrived. 

One of the victims is in serious condition; the conditions of the other victims wasn't known.Carbon monoxide leak sends three people to trauma unit

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