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Cars towed in York City during snow emergency

Updated: Tuesday, January 21 2014, 07:36 PM CST
Reported by: Donna Kirker Morgan

YORK CITY -- PennDot in York County put 74 trucks out today to clear and salt the roads, while the City of York towed over 40 cars due to its declared snow emergency.

PennDOT crews fear that dipping temperatures will result in snow drifts through the night. They say that near zero temperatures will mean that salt will no longer work to melt the snow. They say they will only be able to put down anti-skid material through the night and continue to plow roads that are blocked by snow drifts.

In the meantime, York City Police put out teams of tow trucks along designated snow routes today, towing cars that were not moved off the road by 1 p.m.

We’re told four teams concentrated on specific snow routes, using bull horns to warn people that cars would be towed.

Kim Smith and Brittany Whitman stood and watched as one car was towed from George Street.

“The guy lives upstairs, we were knocking on door but he might be in the shower," they said. “We yelled up and let him  know his car was getting towed.”

Another man scrambled to pull two of his cars off the street. Some people were out wearing slipper and pajamas as the tow trucks began to sync up cars.

The city says many people did get the message and moved their cars to garages that are free and available for the duration of the snow emergency.

Kim Smith said that earlier in the morning George Street was packed with cars but by the time the tow trucks came by, there were only a few remaining cars. She thinks there was enough warning.

But Brittany Whitman sympathized for those people who were at work and did not know that cars would be towed.

On Market Street, we found Brenda Nazario, who made it her job to move her car.

“I  need money for things, not a ticket, not spending my money and give it to the city when I could use it for other things,” she said.

If a car is towed, it will cost the car’s owner $105 to get it out of the impound.

The snow emergency is expected to last into tomorrow. It impacts these streets:
* Market Street, City limit to City limit*Philadelphia Street, City limit to Carlisle Avenue*Queen Street, City limit to Arch Street*George Street, City limit to City limit*Princess Street, City limit to City limit*Duke Street, Jackson Street to North Street*W. King Street from S. Beaver to S. George Streets*Beaver Street from North Street to W. College Avenue

Here is the list of parking facilities you can use while the emergency remains in place:
Free parking is available at the following locations:*Lot #2 – 300 block of W. King Street*Lot #3 – 150 S. Duke Street*Lot 3A – Newton & Howard*Lot #7 – 600 block of West Mason Avenue*Lot #11 – Duke and Princess Street*Lot #12 – 700 block East Mason Avenue*Lot #14 – Penn and St. Paul Streets*Lot #17 – 200 block of W. Market Street rear (Mason Avenue)*Allen Field Lot*Lafayette Plaza – 200 W. Philadelphia Street
Cars towed in York City during snow emergency

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