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CBS 21 on the hunt for answers into deadly police involved shooting

Updated: Sunday, January 12 2014, 09:29 PM CST

Reported and Posted by Ewa Roman:

While working to gather more information about 23 year old Donald Leroy Tolbert III of Duncannon, Perry County, CBS21 News found pages and pages of court documents that show he has a very long criminal history.

Court documents reveal Tolbert posted bail just one day before going on a two county crime spree Saturday, losing his life in a police shoot-out at the end. The District Attorney is investigating if Tolbert was killed by a bullet from police or if he killed himself.

It all started Saturday morning, State Police say Tolbert allegedly assaulted a woman, then while on the run, shot and killed a 56 year old woman while she sat at a stop sign, at the 500 block of Dellville road in Wheatfield Township.

Tolebert then stole a red Ford Focus from a home on Jefferson Street in Duncannon, that's the same street where his family member lives.

He then burglarized a home in Howe Township, where he stole multiple firearms. Then he robbed a convience store in Dauphin Boro.

Tolbert was finally spotted by police in Susquehanna Township and that's when a chase started. It ended at the 3700 block of Second Street in that township.

" I was putting my three year old to bed around a quarter to three and sitting in the living room of my house, I heard six or seven shots," said Tyrone Thomas, witness.

CBS 21 went to the home of Tolbert's family member in Duncannon the next day to see if anyone would talk to us, but no one opened the door. Neighbors wouldn't talk either.

But there were clear signs of some kind of action that happened in the front yard of the home on Jefferson Street, tire marks on the grass.

Since the story aired people have commented on the CBS 21 Facebook page about Tolbert.

Holli Miller said, " He was a good guy, We grew up with him, I am in shock."

Brittany Comfort wrote, " Wow I went to school with this guy and can't believe he would do anything like this."

And Kendra Bair said " I went to school with this kid, never seemed the type to do something like this."


CBS 21 on the hunt for answers into deadly police involved shooting

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