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CBS 21 uncovers possible Met-Ed scam in York County

Updated: Tuesday, January 14 2014, 10:29 PM CST
Reported by: James Tully

WEST MANCHESTER -- CBS 21 is working to expose a possible scam in West Manchester Township, York County.

A station employee said two men claiming to be with Met-Ed asked to do a survey and come inside the apartment early Tuesday afternoon.

A Met-Ed spokesperson says their employees never go door-to-door and always will wear proper ID.

These men wore a bright yellow vest and also tried to enter the home of another couple who live at the Greens of Westgate apartment complex in York.

Jacob Kerr and his fiancé Sarah say two men, one wearing a fluorescent vest, knocked on their door, claimed to be with Met-Ed and tried to come inside.

"Either their employees are lying or someone is going around trying to scam people," Sarah said.

Police have not been able to comment on this matter, but based on the information Met-Ed has told us, we believe this is a possible scam.

Our employee was able to get a description of the vehicle the men were driving, a green GMC Safari van. It had a temporary registration sticker and a Pennsylvania license plate, number JKW-0488.

Met-Ed says all employees drive a marked vehicle.

Customers with questions can always call customer service to see if employees are legitimately in their area.CBS 21 uncovers possible Met-Ed scam in York County

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