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Charges against mother accused of slicing her son's neck sent to trial

Updated: Wednesday, March 12 2014, 06:36 PM CDT
Reported by Donna Kirker Morgan:

LEWISBERRY -- In a York County court room Wednesday,  a babysitter gave us a chilling look inside an upscale home where a woman is accused of slashing her two-year-old's neck and then putting a knife into her own heart.

CBS 21 was the only TV station at the hearing.

Candis Bradshaw walked in and out of the judicial building without saying a word.

Inside we learned that the Fairview Twp. woman tried to kill herself at least two other times before that January day.
We heard that from the babysitter who said when she entered the home, Candis told her, “I just stabbed myself in the heart.”
It took another 10 minutes or so before they  realized the child was hurt too, they thought the blood on his shirt was from his mother.

Medical records say he had gashes to both sides of his neck that started in the back and came forward.

“The big thing is he is so young we don't know how this will affect him, or how he was reacting at the time of the incident,” stated Senior Deputy Prosecutor Chuck Murphy.

We asked Craig Penglase of the defense whether post-partum depression is going to be part of this case.

“I think mental health is part of this story whether when they finish the investigation in this case whether they trace it back to post-partum, we suspect it does but at this point we don’t know.

Six women, including one who suffers from post-partum depression, were there to support Candis.  All charges against her were sent to trial.
Charges against mother accused of slicing her son's neck sent to trial

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