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Clean-up still underway after train collides with tractor trailer

Updated: Friday, September 13 2013, 07:34 PM CDT
Reported by: Donna Kirker-Morgan

It's still stop and go traffic along Route 74 in Monroe Township, Cumberland County as Norfolk Southern cleans up following a train derailment on Thursday.

By Friday morning rush hour, State Police had opened one lane of Route 74 for local commuters.  "I started work at five this morning it wasn't too bad this morning," Said Sarah Amos.

Half mile backlogs marked most of the rest of the day on Route 74, near the intersection where a train hit a tractor trailer hauling a huge cement beam. The beam, was shattered to pieces during the impact. "It sounded like a bomb went off," Amos said.

Overnight, most of the mess was cleaned up so that trains could keep moving again on one of Norfolk Southern's main lines.

"There were wo, three cars that were damaged. They got most of them out," Said Jenny Kenny.

Jenny is working at a home right at the intersection where the crash happened. She said she's amazed how quickly the dented box cars have been cleaned up and moved out.  "The soy bean fields that were damaged, they going to reiumburse them for all the damage," Sarah said.

The beam that was damaged was one of 8 headed to a bridge project in Adams County, at Cunningham Road. More beams have to be hauled to the project and this route has been approved by PennDOT after it was surveyed and reviewed.

We are still waiting to hear whether the trucking company will change it's route after this accident. Clean-up still underway after train collides with tractor trailer

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