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Cold weather tips

Updated: Monday, January 6 2014, 12:06 PM CST
Over the next few days, Central PA will hit record low temperatures.

Check out these tips provided by the Franklin County Department of Emergency Services, to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

  • Be Prepared! Make sure you have sufficient heating fuel. 
  • Store a good supply of dry, seasoned wood for your fireplace or wood-burning stove. 
  • Make sure you have adequate clothing and blankets to keep you warm. 
  • Listen to the news for critical information from the National Weather Service (NWS). Be alert to changing weather conditions. 
  • Minimize travel. 
  • Bring pets inside during winter weather.  Move other animals or livestock to sheltered areas with non-frozen drinking water.
  • Keep dry. Change wet clothing frequently to prevent a loss of body heat. 
  • Watch for signs of frostbite. These include loss of feeling and white or pale appearance in the extremities, such as fingers, toes, ear lobes and the tip of the nose. (If symptoms are detected, get medical help immediately!) 
  • Watch for signs of hypothermia. These include uncontrollable shivering, memory loss, disorientation, incoherence, slurred speech, drowsiness and apparent exhaustion. (If symptoms of hypothermia are detected, get the victim to a warm location, remove wet clothing, warm the center of the body first and give warm, non-alcoholic beverages if the victim is conscious. Get medical help as soon as possible.)
  • If the pipes freeze, remove any insulation or layers of newspapers and wrap pipes in rags.  Completely open all faucets and pour hot water over the pipes, starting where they were most exposed to the cold (or where the cold was most likely to penetrate).
  • Maintain Ventilation when using kerosene heaters to avoid build-up of toxic fumes.
  • Refuel kerosene heaters outside and keep them at least three feet from flammable objects. 

For more information, visit these sites.

•    National Weather Service:
•    FEMA:
•    American Red Cross:
Cold weather tips

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