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Community Aid uses donations to give money to community organizations

Updated: Wednesday, August 21 2013, 05:27 PM CDT
Reported by: Kyle Rogers

MECHANICSBURG -- A local thrift store who uses its funds to operate and donate to the community has donated more than $249,000 to local non-profit organizations.

Community Aid, based in Mechanicsburg, presented $25,000 checks to a number of organizations including the Bethesda Mission, Adams County SPCA, The Hanover Council of Churches, and Help Ministries. Several other groups, mostly churches, received donations, too.

"We're raising money to give back to lots of non-profits in the community," said Sherry Johnson, the general manager of the faith-based store.

New Hope Ministries, just a couple of miles away from the thrift store, received a $50,000 check from Community Aid. New Hope strives to give a second chance to those who need it by providing GED classes, job searches, and offers a food pantry.

Eric Saunders, the executive director for New Hope Ministries said the money will go a long way in supporting his organizations mission.

Saunders said the financial gift helps in a time when many are having trouble donating financially.

For Jennifer Geruntho, a shopper at Community Aid, she came on Wednesday for the half-off specials the store offers. The mother of eight prefers shopping here because of its affordability and the store's goal.

Community Aid relies on the community for donations, at boxes places along specific roads and places of business.

Since 2009, the thrift store's management said its donated more than two million dollars to local organizations. 
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Community Aid uses donations to give money to community organizations

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