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Community in shock over police involved shooting

Updated: Saturday, January 11 2014, 09:57 PM CST

Posted and Reported by Ewa Roman:

CBS 21 News has learned much more about the police chase and police involved shooting in Susquehanna Township since bringing you the story live at 6 p.m. Saturday.

State Police say 23 year old Donald Tolbert of Duncannon, Perry County was the one involved and they've been looking for him since 11 Saturday morning, when a woman told police he sexually assaulted her.

State Police say while Tolbert was on the run, he shot and killed a 56 year old woman at the 500 block of Dellville Road in Wheatfield Township, while she was stopped at a stop sign.

He then stole a red Ford Focus from a home on Jefferson Street in Duncannon. But he didn't stop there, police say Tolbert then burglarized a home in Howe Township, where he stole firearms.

After that, police say Tolbert robbed a convenience store in Dauphin Boro.
He and his stolen car were spotted in Susquehanna Township where the chase started.

Police were finally able to corner Tolbert at a culdesac in Susquehanna Township and shots errupted then he was killed. It happened around 3:45 pm Saturday at the 3700 block of North Second Street.

" I saw a car being chased into the culdesac by a group of cop cars and then heard a bunch of gunfire," said one man who lives nearby and doesn't want to be identified.

" Police just told us to get in the back way of our house!" Said Margaret Rogers, lives near chase scene.

" I was putting my three year old to bed around a quarter to three and sitting in the living room of my house, I heard six or seven shots," said Tyrone Thomas, witness.

Standing in front of the crime scene tape Saturday afternoon, Margaret, who has lived there for 40 years, says she couldn't believe what was happening.

" I've never seen anything like this as long as I lives here, it's quiet. Nobody bothers nobody," said Rogers.

State Police say Tolbert had been on the run in a stolen red Ford Focus.

" Kind of scary! That doesn't happen here," said one man.

The Dauphin County District Attorney is also investigating if Tolbert was killed by a bullet from police or if he shot and killed himself.

Community in shock over police involved shooting

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