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Company claims to be able to fix pothole problems permanently

Updated: Friday, March 21 2014, 07:52 PM CDT
Posted by Don Yeager (

As you're out and about driving, chances are you have run into or tried to avoid a pothole. While a lot have opened up this winter, one Lebanon County company claims they have the tools to fix them for good.

The company says they have designed a mobile asphalt machine to fix potholes. It's called the "Road Mixer" and it has been in the works for about 5 years. Inside is fresh, hot asphalt that can fix potholes right on the spot.

Usually crews use cold asphalt to fix potholes because that is all that's available, but it's not always effective.

Company owner Darren Geesman says his product would be great for bigger municipalities and cities, especially during cold weather.

"It creates a seamless permanent repair. Unlike cold patch, which is widely used because its the only thing available in the winter months. And it almost comes out right away through traffic and snow plows," said Geesman.

The machines cost over $200,000 and so far there has been at least one local buyer. But Darren hopes as his business grows it will open up around 100 potential new jobs in Lebanon County.Company claims to be able to fix pothole problems permanently

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