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Computer scam affecting dozens in area

Updated: Friday, September 20 2013, 05:31 PM CDT
Reported by: Donna Kirker Morgan

HARRISBURG -- The Computer Store in Linglestown has seen dozens of costumers come in the store with messed-up computers from a scam that is making a resurgence.

This is a scam that is quite convincing -- it starts with a phone call to your home. A person says they're with Microsoft and your computer is sick. 

They convince the victims to go on their computer and look an the computer's event log, looking for errors and stopped software.

Ron Rader with The Computer Shop says they use this as scare tactic because most of us wouldn't know a computer's event log usually does have errors.or stopped software.

The scammer tell you that this unusual and you've got a problem.
"They'll take you into your computer that you're not familiar with they'll lead you on that is bad software," he said.

They will then convince their victims to log onto sites such a Log Me on -- Team Viewer or AMMYY.

If you take this step they've got you -- because they will be able to take control of your computer.

Eventually they ask for money to fix these fictional problems. He says they can get you to pay from anywhere from $180 to $299.

If you don't pay money -- that's when things can get ugly.

"Yhey will lock you out of your computer," he said.

Or they've been known to delete files right off your computer or cripple it with an encrypted code.

"In this area, it's kind of like an epidemic. Everyday we're hearing of customers falling for this," Rader said.

He warns consumers that Microsoft would never call a home.

If you do get taken in, turn your computer off immediately or disconnect your ethernet cord.Computer scam affecting dozens in area

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