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Continued cold hurting some businesses bottom lines, but a few are enjoying the chill

Updated: Tuesday, March 4 2014, 04:44 AM CST
Reported by Donna Kirker Morgan:

Continued record cold temperatures are freezing the bottom line for some area businesses that depend on March to be thawed out.

Some parts of the region could surpass the all-time recorded low for our area, which was set in 1925.

Here’s a list of the coldest March 3rd on record:

1925- 9 degrees
1943- 11 degrees
1950- 10 degrees
1962- 11 degrees
2003- 11 degrees
2009- 12 degrees

For most of us, the cold temperatures mean we are uncomfortable, but for some businesses they mean a delay of Spring and a big delay in possible income.

Pete Mickelwright at the Clubs at Colonial Ridges says March usually has the first burst of golfers showing up at their courses. This year, both courses remain under snow with the ground frozen.

The extended cold temperatures have handicapped their ability to get the greens ready.

We also learned that the extreme cold temperatures are not for pansies either, literally.

At Stauffer’s of Kissel Hill, they report they’re about two to three weeks behind schedule in getting plantings done around their gardening shops and selling pansies to gardeners anxious to pack to the soil.

At SKH they are telling people not to plant yet even though at this time last year that would have been possible because temperatures were a lot more moderate.

They also have delayed shipments of spring favorites such as azaleas and forsythias.

Construction crews aren't digging it either because they can't dig.

Brent Roland with Roland Builders says the continued cold impacts their getting started, digging foundations, or pouring foundation and walls.

But we did find some cheery news at Boscov's.  It has seen a chill from this winter impact sales because of store closures and late openings.

The continued cold means they continue to sell coats and warm gear and you, the consumer, can find some real deals.Continued cold hurting some businesses bottom lines, but a few are enjoying the chill

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