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Controversial billboards spark debate in Lancaster County

Updated: Thursday, October 3 2013, 07:09 PM CDT
Reported by: Jesse Knutson

LANCASTER -- “Don’t just look. Listen.” That’s the slogan that’s posted along with pictures of sexy women on controversial billboards across Lancaster County.

It’s all part of a marketing campaign for Classic Rock Station 92.7 WKZF.

“We sat down and we thought, hey, what’s going to create the biggest splash?” Holly Love, Promotions Director and on-air personality, said. “I think they’re super attention getting. They’re grabbers. They grab you.”

Station Manager Billy Baldwin agrees.

“I think it’s a successful marketing campaign. I also think it’s spurred some interesting thoughts,” he said.

Those thoughts include people who find the billboards amusing -- and those who think the signs objectify women and are demeaning. 

Holly Love says this kind of marketing is the norm in this day and age. “You go to any grocery store and the five magazines that are lined up at the checkout line have half-naked women on them.”

On-air personality Randy Rock Johnson says the goal of this billboard campaign is simply to get people to tune in to see if they like what they hear.

“If you have a store, you want people to come in and shop and see you have the best prices on groceries. That’s what we’re doing with this billboard,” he explained.

92.7 WKZF says that some clients have dropped advertisements because of the controversial billboards, but the majority of feedback from listeners has been positive.

“Now that it’s taken legs, we’ve had a lot of listeners call in that want us to keep them up,” Baldwin said. 

The billboards will remain on the side of the roads through Oct. 20, and the station says they plan to have more advertising like this in the future.Controversial billboards spark debate in Lancaster County

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