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Copper frog goes missing; reward up to $1K

Updated: Wednesday, September 4 2013, 03:54 PM CDT
Reported by: Kirk Clyatt

WORMLEYSBURG -- A copper frog, valued at $1,800, was taken from a store in Wormleysburg this weekend.

The frog, nicknamed Tad, had become part of his owners' family, and the reward for his safe return has grown even larger.

For 15 years, the statue has been more than just a work of art for owner Jeff Tinsman. 'Tad' even took part in Tinsman's wedding on the river. For years, the frog has lived on the back porch of his business on North Front Street. 

The reward for the safe return of the amphibious artwork has grown to $1,000 -- $500 for the person who finds it and $500 for the charity of that person's choice.

"We want Tad back," Tinsman said.

Tinsman told CBS 21 the history of his statue: "'Tad' is short for 'tadpole,' but he grew up into a magnificent frog, hopefully he is not in a bucket.

"I got the frog when I was single over at the Kipona Arts Fest about 15 years ago. I had no money, it was an $1,800 frog and it took me two years to pay for that.

"We used it for my wedding on a pontoon boat when we got married. It was a gorgeous frog that was sitting on a chair reading a newspaper, like the man over on the riverfront," he said.

For Jeff and his wife, the statue is a landmark to their family, as the man reading the newspaper is to Harrisburg.

Based on current copper prices, the scrap value of the frog would be less than $100; the reward is 10 times that. 

The statue is big. "Somebody had to have had a big car to take it," Tinsman said. "Everything is very secluded in here somebody had to case the area and see it."

No one on the block has close to the amount of kitsch Bill Weigle does; it's a bit of Florida on the West Shore. Recently, some of it has gone missing.

"We had a hammock that used to hang there, just little things here and there, wind socks every once in a while show up missing, pink flamingos they seem to be a hot item," Weigle said.

So Tinsman sits and waits and hopes for the return of the frog. Anyone with any information is asked to call West Shore Police at 238-9676.

Tinsman says he will now be adding security cameras to his property.Copper frog goes missing; reward up to $1K

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