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Corbett apologizes again for latest gaffe on same-sex marriage

Updated: Tuesday, October 8 2013, 07:30 PM CDT
Reported by: Kyle Rogers

YORK -- Gov. Corbett continues to be in the hot seat after comments he made about gay marriage right here on CBS 21 News last week.

Morning anchor Sherry Christian asked Corbett during the "Ask the Governor" segment, "There there was a controversial comment made by a member of your legal team, comparing gay marriage to the union of 12-year-olds. You said that was inappropriate."

Corbett responded, "It was inappropriate. I think a better analogy would be between a brother and sister don't you?"

The governor has since apologized and in his first press conference since those remarks he said his apology was heartfelt. But he wouldn't say if he would meet with members of the gay community.

Corbett did say that he wouldn't have apologized if he didn't mean it. Last week, some same-sex marriage supporters challenged Corbett to get to know some gay couples and their families, but when asked today if he'd meet with member in the gay and lesbian community, this is what he had to say: "The actions I take as a candidate, we'll let you know when we're taking them." 

In a videotaped apology Corbett released, he said, "The comments I made have been viewed by some as insensitive and if they’ve been taken that way let me apologize right now. I never meant to be insensitive."

Today, he said, "My words were not intended to hurt anybody. I was thinking as a lawyer and explaining as a lawyer but again, no intention to hurt anybody's feelings."

The governor's apology goes back to a legal briefing filed by Corbett's legal team to stop the Montgomery County Register of Wills from issuing marriage licenses. In that legal briefing, Corbett's team likened giving marriage licenses to same-sex couples to giving marriage licenses to 12-year-olds.

Corbett's team subsequently apologized for that gaffe, and Corbett now stands by his latest apology for the most recent gaffe.

"I don't make apologies just for the sake of making apologies and it was heartfelt and I can't control if somebody accepts it or not," he said.

Corbett was at the Caterpillar plant in York County this afternoon when he made those comments. When asked about those criticising him, like his opponents for governor, he said he expects it and that it's politics.Corbett apologizes again for latest gaffe on same-sex marriage

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