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Corbett indicates he'd be OK with medical marijuana, if FDA approves it

Updated: Wednesday, January 8 2014, 09:32 PM CST
HARRISBURG -- In an apparent change of opinion, Gov. Tom Corbett today said he would support the legalization of medical marijuana -- but only if the FDA approves it.

Corbett's spokesperson, Jay Pagni, said that what was discussed in a newspaper article is no different from what Corbett said in November, it's just being interpreted differently. 

He said that if the FDA were to rule on the health benefits and effectiveness of medical marijuana, the governor would certainly look at those results to determine if a change needs to be made in Pennsylvania. 

According to Pagni, the FDA is in place to study and research substances and if that change is called for by the FDA, Corbett would be willing to look at it. The governor has great empathy for patients and for families of individuals that may be dealing with serious medical issues and are looking for solutions and relief, he said.

If the FDA deems that the health benefits of that treatment are appropriate, safe, and effective, the governor would be interested in seeing what those results would be, Pagni added.Corbett indicates he'd be OK with medical marijuana, if FDA approves it

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