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Cornwall-Lebanon School Board votes to have armed officer in schools

Updated: Tuesday, March 18 2014, 07:05 PM CDT
Reported by: Donna Kirker-Morgan

In a 8 to 0 vote, the Cornwall-Lebanon School Board gave the OK to allowing the district's police officer to carry a handgun.

The change will be implemented in the next few weeks, after proper training is completed and equipment storage rules and issues are resolved.

Superintendent Philip Domencic says this was not an direct reaction to a recent incident, involving two 14-year-old students who were allegedly plotting against the school.

The "School Police--Use of Force and Weapons" policy has been under review, they say, since February.

The suggested changes reflect concerns after the attack on Sandy Hook Elementary school that left 20 students and six staff members dead.

The current school officer does not wear a uniform but works full-time in the district.  It is still undecided whether he will now wear a uniform, since he will carry a handgun.

The district has also made many other security upgrades, including a more advanced entrance system, additional cameras, and training for teachers and students.

The district will also continue its ongoing relationship with South Lebanon Township Police and continue training teachers and students to be ready to act and to speak up to help secure the safety of everyone in their schools.
Cornwall-Lebanon School Board votes to have armed officer in schools

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