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Craigslist ads prove dangerous, police warn people to be cautious

Updated: Thursday, February 20 2014, 05:55 AM CST
Reported by: Chris Nallan

CARLISLE -- Over the past several months, there have been several incidents where two parties connected through Craigslist and it ended violently.

In Sunbury, one man was killed in a case that has now gained national attention. In Elizabethtown in December, and now just recently in Harrisburg, people have been assaulted when they went to buy something that they arranged through Craigslist. 

It seems that no matter where you click online there's always a risk. Craigslist has been in the lime light the past several months. Facebook and eBay can also pose a risk when you don't know what or who you are dealing with on the other end.

And it makes you wonder how safe is it? Stephen Margeson, Chief of Police in Carlisle lays down some things you should look out for.

"If the person you are dealing with evasive or incorporative or doesn't meet or communicate with you in a way you feel comfortable then that's fine just end it," says Stephen Margeson.

At Colonial Park Mall Teresa Peerez has a strong opinion on sites like craigslist.

"I stay away from craigslist because I don't think there's enough security, anybody can create an account and post any type of ad they want. And you really don't know who your meeting...there's no security in craigslist," says Teresa Peerez.

When it comes to security local police suggest there could be a way you could help prevent crimes like the recent horrific events that took place.

"We certainly are able to monitor within certain parameters craigslist posting and Facebook postings we get people that will report to us," says Stephen Margeson.

Whether you are on Facebook, eBay or Craigslist right now and you are about to make a deal, ask yourself is this real or a phony deal? If it seems to good to be true then it might not be worth it. Craigslist ads prove dangerous, police warn people to be cautious

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