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Craigslist killer's claims could have legal implications

Updated: Monday, February 17 2014, 10:48 PM CST
Reported by: James Tully

HARRISBURG -- Elytte and Miranda Barbour are charged with killing Troy Laferrera from Snyder County after luring him through a craigslist companionship ad.

Miranda Barbour told a newspaper reporter that she not only killed LaFerrera but also killed at least 22 others before losing count.  She told the newspaper reporter the other killings happened over the past six years in Alaska, Texas, North carolina and California.

The FBI is reportedly investigating her claims.

There's a lot of skepticism over her story as some of our viewers wrote to us asking if it's some kind of legal ploy.

Barbour's claims are chilling but also could be considered absurd, so we sat down with local criminal attorney Corky Goldstein.

"I personally doubt what she's saying," Goldstein said after I asked him if he believed any of Barbour's claims. "I think what is more happening here if she's attempting to bolster a defense of insanity."

Goldstein says in Pennsylvania that ruling would be based on whether or not Barbour know right from wrong when she allegedly stabbed LaFerrera to death.

If an insanity plea is met in this state than that person would be sent directly to a mental institution until deemed fit to serve the rest of their sentence in a prison.

According to Goldstein, at no point would they be released.
Craigslist killer's claims could have legal implications

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