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Cumberland Co. chase related to Franklin Co. bomb threat

Updated: Tuesday, September 10 2013, 07:02 PM CDT
Reported by: Kyle Rogers

MARION -- The man who led police on a high-speed chase after an armed robbery in Franklin County is connected to the bomb threat at a pre-school.

Steven Junkin with Pennsylvania State Police said Tuesday there's reason to believe that 37-year-old Dakin Burgess of Pittsburgh was linked to the bomb threat at Growing Tree Preschool at the Marion Mennonite Church.

“There were certain things that connected him with that as far as construction and information in his car and the facility,” Junkin said. 

Last Friday, police and bomb squads descended on the pre-school after an administrator there received a call that a bomb would go off as students were leaving for the day. Following an evacuation of the building, a bomb squad from Harrisburg was dispatched to the scene where they found a device, but determined it was not explosive. A device was found where the caller said it would be – at the door of the pre-school – and a source said the box was some sort of Chlorox bottle with firecrackers wrapped around. It turned out to be a hoax, according to police.

At Tuesday’s press conference, officials would not go into detail about the materials found in the vehicle Burgess was driving at the crash scene of Monday’s nights high-speed chase. 

“We’re thankful this has been resolved, and hopefully we can go along with our normal lives,” said Ken Nebelong, who attends church at Marion Mennonite. 

While police say they’re still investigating why Burgess came to the church in the first place, Nebelong said Burgess wasn’t familiar when shown a picture. 
“There was a heightened state of security here, worry, and concern,” said Nebelong. He indicated staff at the preschool as well as the building have been keeping an extra eye on the property in the days after the bomb threat and plan to continue keeping a closer eye on their surroundings. 

“Pennsylvania State Police called directly here and informed staff that the matter had been resolved,” he said after officials confirmed the man involved in last night’s armed robbery was involved in the bomb threat. 

Nebelong said some children haven’t returned to pre-school since the bomb threat, but said the church is appreciative of the police response. 

“Now we know, without a doubt, God has touched us and it’s resolved,” said Nebelong. 

Police continue to investigate. 
Cumberland Co. chase related to Franklin Co. bomb threat

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