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Cumberland Co. DA still deciding charges in weekend shooting of young boy

Updated: Wednesday, September 4 2013, 05:11 PM CDT
Reported by: Donna Kirker Morgan

SHIPPENSBURG -- The Cumberland County District Attorney is still trying to determine if any adults should be held responsible for the shooting of an eight-year-old boy by his younger brother.

The tragedy occurred Sunday at a home near Shippensburg in Southampton Township.

Cumberland County District Attorney Dave Freed said the boys' mother was the only adult home when the shooting occurred. She apparently slept through the shooting, even though she was in the same room as the boys.

"It's an incredibly tragic situation; one boy on life and death have another boy of a tender age involved," Freed said.

Freed revealed today that the six-year-old boy was interviewed for the first time by state police experts about what happened at his house Sunday afternoon.

"That little boy went through a traumatic episode that day and will continue to receive treatment receive by state police to get past this," Freed said.

Court records say the boy shot his eight-year-old brother in the head as their mother slept in the same room where the gun went off.

"The shot did not wake her up; the little boy woke her up," Freed said. He added that the revolved looked "very toy-like."

Court records indicate the mother was "lethargic" when police and emergency personnel responded to the scene, telling them she was on medication. She agreed to a blood test, and police are looking into her phone records.

Now the eight-year-old is clinging to life. 

"He's showing little or no brain activity," Freed said. 

Now Freed must decide if anyone should be charged with reckless endangerment of children in this case. 

"Anything we do, we're going to make sure we have proof positive to support the decision we make," he added.Cumberland Co. DA still deciding charges in weekend shooting of young boy

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