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Cumberland Valley High School teacher under investigation

Updated: Friday, March 14 2014, 03:23 AM CDT
Reported by: Jesse Knutson

We’re following a developing story out of Cumberland County as police tell us a teacher in the Cumberland Valley School District is under investigation for allegedly having sex with a student.

We’ve learned there’s an active search warrant relating to this case.

We have confirmed with Cumberland County District Attorney David Freed that the teacher in question is 11th Grade English teacher Emily Nesbit.

We went to Cumberland Valley High School looking for answers and students here say the rumor mill has been going crazy.

“I was actually pretty shocked. I didn’t think that this would ever be around in this area,” commented a student.

CBS 21 News confirmed with the Cumberland County District Attorney’s Office that there is an active investigation at Cumberland Valley High School regarding allegations that Emily Nesbit, an 11th grade teacher, had sex with a student.

Students we spoke to were surprised.

“She was very nice, likeable, she seemed like she’d do the right thing, but I guess not,” another CV student stated.

Police have issued a search warrant for Nesbit to collect her phone and seek cell phone records.

The Cumberland Valley School District released a statement, saying in part:

“When District administration learned on March 10, 2014, of allegations of misconduct involving a teacher, District administration immediately notified local law enforcement and the District Attorney’s Office in accordance with the Child Protective Services Law. That same day, the employee in question was removed from the school building and placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation."

According to school officials, Nesbit resigned from her teaching position on Wednesday.

And while the rumors are stirring, many students are waiting to make judgments until they hear the whole story.

“I have no idea what’s the truth and what’s not the truth, so I can’t judge Mrs. Nesbit or anyone involved,” one student commented.

“At first I didn’t really know, because there were so many rumors going around, something about it going on for years, different students. And it’s like; I don’t know what’s true and what’s not,” another told us.
Other students say in this day and age, it’s not a surprise that this sort of thing happened.

“Kids our age, if they’re watching porn or something like that, it’s the same idea and same concept, you just don’t see it happening as often.”

The District Attorney said that a press conference will be held tomorrow morning – at which time they’ll release more information.

But for now the school says they’re just focusing on the health and safety of their students.Cumberland Valley High School teacher under investigation

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