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Dauphin Co. man launches 4D campaign and runs for those who can't

Updated: Monday, October 21 2013, 09:30 AM CDT
 Written by: Sherry Christian

 Fifty "5k's", one in each state, in one year!  That's how a Dauphin county man is making a difference in the lives of people who can't run.  It was a request from a co-worker who has limited use of her legs, that inspired Jeff Fazio's "4D" campaign.

It's a project that now has legs of it's own.

39-year old Jeff Fazio of Dauphin county is well on his way to achieving his goal of running a 5k race in each state, in one year.

 By October 21, 2013, he will have completed 25 states and his deadline is June 30, 2014.

It's called the "4D" project, the "D" stands for Dee Gerber  the person who inspired Jeff to do this.  Dee has Muscular dystrophy and relies on her scooter to get around the HACC campus where they both work.

She gives Jeff a ride for fun every once in awhile, too.  But what she can't do is run.  So when Dee learned that Jeff had started running just to be physically fit, she wrote an email to ask if he would think of her and others who can't run.

That email is what started the "4D" project -- but it almost didn't happen.

Dee says, "I started writing it, delete, wrote it, delete it, wrote it, delete - he's gonna think I'm crazy -send.  Worse thing he could do was say you're nuts."

Well, we all know he said yes, but that turned out to be the easy part.

Jeff says, "I assumed that running was a flat sport.  and I get to this 5k and there's a hill, I mean we're talking about a serious hill and then they tell me we're doing 2 laps on this hill and I'm thinking who does this?!"

 But then Jeff remembered a sign he made with "4D" written on it that he pinned on his shirt and that got him over that hill - and the "4D" experience now has "legs of it's own" - with other runners supporting the cause.
Jeff says, "none of this was meant to happen in the sense that it was choreographed or we thought about it in advance.  It's just been serendipitous moments one after the other that just accumulated like a snowball going down a hill."

And it all started as a touching agreement between two colleagues.  But what really touches Dee is the financial sacrifice Jeff is making.

She gets emotional when talking about it, "what he's doing, I don't have words, I don't.  Financially he's gotta be struggling.  I know the amount of money of just one race he's shelled out and I look at it and it's more than my paycheck."
 So now Dee is on a mission to get sponsors for Jeff to help cut his personal costs.

The money that comes from the pins and donations to the "4D" experience is being donated to the MDA.

For more information about the "4D" project -- go to this Facebook link:
Dauphin Co. man launches 4D campaign and runs for those who can't

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