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Dillsburg rings in the New Year with one of the best small-town celebrations in the country

Updated: Tuesday, December 31 2013, 10:50 PM CST
Reported by Kyle Rogers:

DILLSBURG -- The countdown is on to 2014 and in just minutes we will be ringing in the New Year.

The frigid temperatures aren't stopping the celebrations across the country.  That includes in Dillsburg, a small town that always gets big recognition for its new year's tradition.

Bands are out, people are enjoying the music and Dillsburg’s the only place it's cool to say goodbye to 2013, while enjoying a pickle on a stick.

“It isn’t everyone that drops a pickle,” commented Shirley Myers, who was serving pickle soup. There's nothing jarring about this because on the last night of the year in Dillsburg.

“We came here to the pickle drop,” explained Joel McClintock. “It’s the 20-year-long tradition families can relish on.

“People come from far and wide to see the pickle out on the main drag,” U.S. Representative Scott Perry told us.  For Representative Scott Perry, he like so many others brought his kids down to see Lil’ Dill fall at 7.

In the meantime, Lil' Dill's dad, Mr. Pickle, is getting ready for the New Year’s Eve ‘spear-it.’

“I’m actually pretty excited and I think it's amazing they make a pickle out of recyclable things,” Joel gushed.

“It's rather unique so i guess that helps to get us on the map and it's not a party,” commented Jamey McClintock.

They've been working on the pickle soup for two days and people come all over just to try out what's in the secret recipe, and it's pretty good.

“It’s pork based and it’s very good and if you like pickles, you'll like it,” Shirley smiled.

But as far as a chocolate-covered gherkin?

It's definitely different, but the chocolate makes it better so whether it's a pickle on a stick, or the pickle soup, “if you leave hungry, it's on you,” commented one person at the festivities!

“It’s a great time for the kids and the whole family and the community to celebrate the New Year in a family atmosphere,” Rep. Perry concluded. One thing's for sure, this New Year’s Eve in Dillsburg, “it's all about the pickles,” exclaimed Shirley.

Dillsburg has fried pickles too, scratch and sniff stickers and as they wait for Mr. Pickle to drop, they hope the fireworks will warm them all up.Dillsburg rings in the New Year with one of the best small-town celebrations in the country

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