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Dramatic shift from sunny and warm to wet and cold leaves everyone longing for Spring

Updated: Wednesday, March 12 2014, 10:51 PM CDT
Reported by Kyle Rogers:

HARRISBURG -- It was a sunset Fatimah Freeman said was worth the walk after work.

“But did you see the view of the river?” Freeman exclaimed. “After it rained, it was beautiful! I was staring at it for a while.”

Warm temperatures in recent days proved to be welcomed by most walking in downtown Harrisburg on Wednesday night, despite another cold chill dropping temperatures to the all-too-familiar teens.

“When I came down here, I was just going to wear the under jacket hoodie like this,” said Jeffrey Haskins. “But I was like, it’s night. It’s dark. It’s going to get cold. It’s going to get cold.”

The Philadelphia counselor is visiting the city for a conference and is ready for the warm temperatures. After all, the native just east to the Capitol City has braved a brutal winter, as well.

“It was 60 yesterday and back to down to 30 tonight,” said Haskins. “It’s back and forth.”

On Wednesday, those throughout the area experienced a fast-moving rain storm. While temperatures began on the warmer side, high winds with gusts reaching up to 50 miles per hour are expected to continue through noon on Thursday.

“The rain is expected when spring is coming, but I don’t want it to get cold again,” said Freeman.

Wind chills are forecasted to be in the single digits; more than 50 degrees colder than felt earlier this week.

Haskins, who said he’s experienced cabin fever, hopes others will find ways to beat the frigid wrath of Mother Nature.

“You should have house parties,” he said. “Just have everybody come on over and do potluck and do something fun.”

A wind advisory remains in effect through Thursday. 
Dramatic shift from sunny and warm to wet and cold leaves everyone longing for Spring

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