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Eight men charged with indecent exposure after being caught in park

Updated: Thursday, September 26 2013, 07:24 PM CDT
Reported by: Chris Papst

LEBANON -- Police in Northern Lebanon Township have charged eight men for having sex in Union Canal Park, Lebanon. 

Men having sex in public parks is not just a problem at the Union Canal Park in Lebanon. It’s a problem in many areas throughout the mid-state -- Long’s Park in Lancaster maybe being the most well-known, but police here are now cracking down.

The eight men charged in this week's incident are: Harry Baish, 53; Takeshi Asami, 55; Ronald Herrold, 69; Eric Goodman, 45; Michael Greenawalt, 55; Kenneth Lowry, 73; Russell Donmoyer, 62; and Donald J. Booser, 70.

The investigation began more than a year ago after police received numerous complaints.  

“You can see them going into the woods. It’s obvious,” said park goer Larry Johnson. 

Harold Easter with Northern Lebanon Township Police says this is not rare in Lebanon County or in Central Pennsylvania. For whatever reason, men go these spots in search of sexual partners. Public parks have become their meeting grounds.

“We’ve had young kids see that type of stuff, and that’s really what prompted this is that young kids should not be exposed to such things,” Easter said. 

“This is 2013,” said Jim Laughner, who regularly enjoys the park. “People aren’t the same as they were in Mayberry, 1960. It’s just an altogether different world today.”

The charges these men face, which include indecent exposure along with open lewdness, could include jail time and significant fines.  

Police say their investigation is continuing in the park. 
Eight men charged with indecent exposure after being caught in park

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