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Experience homelessness for just $2,000

Updated: Sunday, October 6 2013, 10:42 PM CDT
Posted by Don Yeager (

Tourists eagerly pay to seek Seattle's beginning and discover the city's
past life underground, but a new tour in town highlights the homeless.

For $2,000 you can live just like a homeless person and a homeless man in Seattle is banking on this brainstorm.

Homeless tour guide Mike Momany will let you share his homeless experience. He welcomes the wealthy to stay with him in a hostel, fend for food, and visit homeless hotspots.

The out-of-work web developer calls his real view tour a 3 day course in applied homelessness.

Critics condemn Momany's homeless in Seattle tour calling it poverty tourism, gawking at the lesser off like animals at the zoo.

Momany says customers can't take photos but can have their movements tracked on GPS for security.

So far this homeless tour guide has had inquiries but no customers and says even though some are speaking out against him he's giving the homeless a voice.Experience homelessness for just $2,000

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