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Experts weigh in on attack on Syria at Dickinson College event

Updated: Tuesday, September 3 2013, 01:42 PM CDT
Reported by: Jesse Knutson

CARLISLE -- Tonight more than 150 Dickinson College students gathered for a panel about Syria. The panel featured professors with expertise in international studies and former Congressman and three-star admiral Joseph Sestak.

“If we don’t do something we say, the next time we say something, they don’t expect us to do what we said. That’s the reason this strike will occur,” Sestak said.

The main message from the experts to students was that the President sent a clear message that if you cross a line, you will be held accountable.

“If a red line is not set, it’s one thing, but once Obama established a red line and declared it publicly, this red line needs to be upheld. Otherwise, we are perceived as weak," Neil Diamant, Asian Law and Society professor, said.

After learning more about the details of the United States’ dealings with Syria and what President Obama has said, many students think that action is necessary.

“If we do not respond then it will look like to the rest of the world as though we do not backup what we say,” John Hamrick, a freshman international studies major, said.

Other students were wary of what an attack would mean if Congress does not approve.

“I think the President has made it clear that it’s desirable to have Congress’ approval, but it’s not necessary,” Sestak said, answering the question "what if Congress doesn't approve this strike?"

Sestak says that a strike on Syria would send a message to more than just the Assad regime.

“We are not doing this for Assad, we are doing this for Iran, we are doing this for North Korea. We have a red line drawn already with Iran saying that you do not build nuclear weapons,” he added.

Sestak says at the end of the day, this strike will happen.

“I believe we will strike, I believe it will be limited in scope, I believe it that it sends a message to the rest of the world that the United States’ word is good,” he said. 
Experts weigh in on attack on Syria at Dickinson College event

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