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Family introduces their miracle baby

Updated: Tuesday, January 14 2014, 10:42 AM CST

Information from WJAC.

Fighting back tears of joy, a couple introduced their miracle baby.

Little Owen was born with a seven-pound growth on his head and given a virtual death sentence. The family is from the Johnstown area and sought treatment at Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh, but doctors there said there was nothing they could do.

So the parents got a second opinion 500 miles away. Surgeons at Boston Children's Hospital decided to operate, and what they did, saved the child's life.

CBS 21's Kerri Corrado has the touching story.
Meet baby Owen, wrapped in his father’s arms, with stitches around his head --  the same spot where a 7-pound tumor once was.

"We were made to believe that his brain was in such a condition that he wouldn’t be born," she said.

Jen Sheidan, just weeks into her pregnancy, was given a grim outlook and told that her baby would be brain dead, that the tumor was growing.

But on Dec. 6, there was a miracle.

"When he was born and we heard him cry it was pretty amazing," she said.

Doctors in Johnstown and Pittsburgh wouldn’t operate.

"[It was] so incredibly rare that it intimidated a lot of medical professionals,” she said.

But Jen and her husband Kevin were not willing to give up on their miracle baby:

They found doctors at Boston Children’s willing to perform the surgery, giving baby Owen a second chance at life.

"His risks diminished tremendously with the successful surgery," they said.

Owen is now functioning as a normal baby.

"Since then, he got stronger and stronger and here we are," his parents said.

They’re taking it day by day, hoping their story will inspire others.

"Owen’s story is a story of hope and we want to give hope to parents. Do what’s best for the child and continue to fight for them," they said.

The family says they have a long road ahead for baby Owen. They are very thankful for the community support they have received.

Family introduces their miracle baby

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