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Family rallies for legalization of medical marijuana

Updated: Wednesday, March 12 2014, 11:45 AM CDT
Reported by: James Tully

LEMOYNE -- Parents advocating for the legalization of medical marijuana in Pennsylvania Monday night tried to rally a member of Congress.

Rep. Scott Perry was in Lemoyne for a town meeting and publicly announced his support for legalizing medical marijuana.

Perry even mentioned that he was getting ready to put his name on the legislation that would push for it at the federal level.

A birthday wish from a girl with a debilitating disease helped to get the congressman's attention.

Anna Knecht has a severe form of epilepsy, and soon her father Mark will take her to Colorado to legally administer medical marijuana.  However it's Anna's wish that her father doesn't have to do that so Mark and his wife took a front row seat during the town hall meeting.

Perry acknowledged Anna's situation to me after the meeting.  "We should be able to move with urgency so that Anna can live a full life and everybody that this medicine can help can be in the same situation, there is an urgency to it and I think that is what they bring."

They are the doses of parents that joined Anna's family for the meeting, holding yellow balloons up for her.   Most if not all of those parents can directly relate to her situation.

Perry does have concerns, mainly how to legalize the growth of marijuana for only medical purposes.Family rallies for legalization of medical marijuana

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