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Fire caused by unattended candles, father charged

Updated: Wednesday, January 22 2014, 04:23 PM CST
Written by: Ashley Arnold

HARRISBURG -- We’re learning more information about a fire earlier this month in Harrisburg that left several people homeless.

We got hold of court documents that say a man is accused of starting the Jan. 10 blaze by using makeshift heaters in his apartment. 

But that's not all. Police also say he left his 11-month-old son home alone, for a little less than two hours, while the makeshift heaters, both made out of candles, were burning and then caught fire. 

Timothy Lipscomb, 28, is now facing several charges in connection to the blaze on North Second Street in Harrisburg. 

We learned four homes were damaged, eight people were displaced, and Lipscomb and his son were treated for smoke inhalation.

Court documents state Lipscomb made two heaters; one using a bread pan with eight candles in it with two terracotta pots over them and the other was similarly made. 

One of the heaters was left near the baby. 

Investigators say when Lipscomb came home, he heard fire alarms going off and his apartment was filled with smoke. 

He was able to get into his apartment and rescue his son. 

When officers first questioned Lipscomb, he told them he was sleeping and woke up to the smoke. 

Investigators say he later admitted to leaving his son alone with the lit makeshift heaters for about two hours. 

Lipscomb had his preliminary hearing on Monday and has been released on $50,000 bail. 

His preliminary hearing is scheduled for Jan. 30. 

Lipscomb is facing a list of charges, including causing a catastrophe and recklessly endangering another person. Fire caused by unattended candles, father charged

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