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Four arrested in beating of Boiling Springs graduate; more details on fight

Updated: Friday, February 28 2014, 06:31 PM CST
Reported by Donna Kirker-Morgan:

BOILING SPRINGS -- We obtained court documents Friday that tell us more about the fight in Bloomsburg last weekend that put a Boiling Springs teen into a coma and forced four Kutztown football players off the team.

19-year-old Jackie Lithgow remains in critical condition.  His parents have been by his side at Geisinger Medical Center in Danville since the fight on Sunday.

Dark cell phone video of the fight catches a lot of the melee on Iron Street in Bloomsburg at 1:00 a.m. that night. However, the court documents shed even more light into a fight that put local teen Jackie Lithgow into a coma.

The documents confirm stories students told us, that Iron St. was filled with fights.    In the end, 10 people reportedly were injured with five sent to the hospital, including Jackie.

The documents say four Kutztown football players were unhappy they were not allowed to join a closed, invitational-only party held by Zeta Psi. One of the players, Justin Weider, reportedly threw a punch inside the apartment causing one person to go unconscious, the documents say.  The fight then spilled out onto the street.

That is where police say Angel Cruz threw the punch that knocked Lithgow down. Lithgow hit his head off the pavement.

All four of the football players from Kutztown University have been suspended from the team, but only Cruz faces charges at this time.
People in the small town of Boiling Springs are happy to hear of the arrest, but are most concerned about the Jackie's family.

So far friends and family have raised over $20,000 to give his parents the ability to stay in Danville at Jackie's side.

The chief of police at Bloomsburg has told CBS 21 that at least two people would be charged.  

A Berks County 19-year-old, Donald Hoover, was also badly injured. The documents say he was hit by Weider and fell to the pavement.

He tells police that Weider kicked him in the head at that point.  Hoover has been released from the hospital. Documents say he has lost hearing in one of his ears.

We have also received this most recent statement from a spokesperson with Kutztown University:

“Upon learning that charging documents in the case state that three other Kutztown University football players were involved in the incident, the university suspended Justin Weider, Eric Condron and Jake Wygant from the football team for violation of athletic department policy. Their status as students at the university is unchanged and will be reviewed pending the outcome of the case. Again, we join the Bloomsburg community in extending our thoughts and prayers to Jackie Lithgow, his family and friends in his recovery,” Matt Santos, KU Director of University Relations.Four arrested in beating of Boiling Springs graduate; more details on fight

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