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Fraternity labeled "deadliest in the country," local chapter does not fit that description

Updated: Tuesday, March 18 2014, 06:49 PM CDT
Reported by: Christina Butler

A national fraternity has been labeled one of the deadliest on campus and in order to clear its name, has vowed to eliminate pledge programs. But at Gettysburg College, the members of Sigma Alpha Epsilon claim they are far from that distinction.

Simon Tracy is the former president and current member of SAE. He hadn't heard the numbers from Bloomberg, labeling his fraternity the deadliest in the nation with 10 deaths since 2006.

"It takes us a little by surprise, because we've been here for I think 137 years. One of our mantras is we are true gentlemen and that's something we hold very dear at this place," says Tracy.

This month, the national SAE leaders made a bold move, eliminating pledge programs for all chapters. They say that effectively immediately, new members will be initiated with 96 hours of being offered a bid. Pledge programs are eliminated.

Tracy says he feels the restrictions punish chapters like his, which boast campus and community development, instead of problems.

"We're leading the way in career development alumni relations and recently had the highest new member GPA," said Tracy.

The Pennsylvania Delta chapter hopes to negotiate with regional leaders about the new rules, but in the end, Tracy says they'll do what's best for Sigma Alpha Epsilon.

"I love this house, it's given me everything. I would hate for one day for me to say I am in SAE and then someone saying about it being the deadliest fraternity or whatever it may be," said Tracy.Fraternity labeled "deadliest in the country," local chapter does not fit that description

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