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Frost warning means outside gardens are done for the season

Updated: Wednesday, October 23 2013, 05:52 PM CDT
Reported by: Donna Kirker Morgan

HARRISBURG -- A frost warning means it's time to protect your plants but it’s probably time to say goodbye to your annuals for the winter.

If the frosty temperatures were to occur only one night, perhaps they could be saved, but Central Pennsylvania is in for a couple nights of below-freezing temperatures.

However, you can save your soft bulb plants like the canna, dahlias or gladiolas.  

You will need to pull them out of the ground and tuck them away inside in a dry, dark location. In the spring, they can be replanted.

The folks at Stauffers of Kissel Hill Garden Center in Lower Paxton Township says you may want to use tonight’s frost to make the job easier.

“The frost will kill off the foliage so we are going to leave ours in the ground and frost will take care of foliage and tomorrow we will come and cut them down to dry store them," Jodie Morris of SKH said.

Plants that are still in pots but you plan on getting into the ground soon can be stored for one or two nights under a deck or in a garage.

Vegetable gardens will lose their leaves tonight but the fruit is still good, despite a frost.

Morris says the frost will stop the production of fruit but you can still harvest anything that is close to being ripe.

Fall usually means trimming up some trees or bushes, but don't trim spring bloomers or else you'll trim their flower buds right off.

Even though it's probably time to say good-bye to your annuals for the winter, there are now many different cabbages and kale plants that can bring color to your winter garden.

You can also water down your perennial garden tonight to preserve those plants but make sure you disconnect the hose. A frozen hose can cause broken pipes in your home.
Frost warning means outside gardens are done for the season

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