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Fundraiser for Lithgow family keeps Vinny's Restaurant extremely busy

Updated: Sunday, March 9 2014, 04:42 PM CDT
Reported by Donna Kirker Morgan:

CARLISLE -- Vinny’s Pizza and Sub Restaurant in Carlisle was packed with supporters of the Lithgow family of Boiling Springs Thursday for an effort to raise money for the family as their son recovers.

Owner Kristel Mazzamuto says they called it "A Day for Jackie."

19-year-old Jackie Lithgow suffered head trauma in a fight off-campus in Bloomsburg.  His recovery is expected to take a long time.

20 percent of all proceeds will help Jackie Lithgow's family which has stayed by his side in Danville since the incident 13 days ago.

Lori McGill has children who played basketball with Jackie and she was there collecting for a raffle.
"I think in the community, something tragic happen, everybody comes together," Lori said.

And they did, the place was packed.

The crowd included strangers and people who know the family well.

They say Jackie's dad has worked years as a special education teacher at Boiling Springs High School and now his kindness is being returned.

Jackie still hasn't opened his eyes since being hit in that off-campus Bloomsburg fight, but he is making progress, according to a blog updated by his mother every day.

This event and others coming up will allow the parents to stay by his bed side.

Mazzamuto said it gets crazy at lunch but the crowd definitely outranked them all. Dinner was even busier.

Deliveries were made to all schools in Boiling Springs and they had people coming for pick-ups.

At one point they had to disconnect the phone so they catch up with orders.

Online fundraisers have collected nearly $40,000 for the Lithgow family and other fundraisers are planned, including one at the Midway Skating Rink March 17.
Fundraiser for Lithgow family keeps Vinny's Restaurant extremely busy

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